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At Vanderbilt Property Management, we are your premier property management company with over 35 years of experience serving New York, Long Island and Queens. We encourage you to take a moment, explore and learn more about us, our services and our listings. Feel free to contact us anytime!

In addition to providing day to day management services, Vanderbilt provides out of town Asset Management Services. If you are purchasing property and want the oversight of an asset management team reviewing your capital projects, insurance needs, preparing budgets and reports to ownership, Contact Vanderbilt Property Management

Steve Birbach explains how managing a smaller building differs from a very large one at The 2018 Cooperator Expo in New York City

Queens/Long Island:

Vanderbilt – Informed. Involved.

Our company is built on time-honored principles of:

Full Spectrum of Real Estate Services

The services Vanderbilt can provide are varied and are based solely on your particular objectives. We offer personalized amenities from simple accounts receivables to a comprehensive array of full service property management. We can provide on Site Staff, Consulting and Brokerage services through our affiliate. As a boutique company we deliver a unique approach to your most important asset.

No Risk, We Offer

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 60 days of retaining our company, we will refund all management fees paid to date. Inquire with us to see if your property qualifies to have your first two months of management fees waived.

Preventative Approach to Maintenance

Maintaining the physical plant of the building and the development of a preventive maintenance program is a vital ingredient to efficiently maintaining the property for the long term. The focus of this program is to determine the useful life of the major building components and to determine the priorities through this evaluation. Repairs and maintenance has the greatest single impact on the property. A pro-active repairs and maintenance policy will enhance the property’s Curb Appeal, which attracts and retains residents. Prompt responses to service calls are a priority at Vanderbilt.

Staff Management

The success of our residential real estate management program for your property depends on the site/ Property Manager’s communication, marketing, management and organizational skills, as well as his personal qualities such as judgment and professionalism. A Vanderbilt site manager must be able to manage people effectively, communicate with staff and residents, possess excellent time management skills, and be able to assess the relative importance of management duties in order to accurately prioritize. In addition, the principal of the company works with the site manager to oversee day-to-day operations. Vanderbilt prides itself on paying attention to detail. Personalized service is the mainstay of our organization.

Increasing Resident Satisfaction

Maintaining resident relations and offering attentive, responsive, and courteous services.


Vanderbilt is focused on being cost conscious and accessible anytime. It’s been a great asset to work with a property management service focused on saving me time and our condominium money.
T. Smith - Pres., East 86th Street Condominium
I love being able to look online and see which bills have been paid. Vanderbilt’s online reporting helps the board stay current on the building’s finances.
B. Gambino - Pres., East 49th Street Owners Corp.
Working with Vanderbilt ensures that all of our bookkeeping needs will be up-to-date and easily accessible on line, so that we can stay within our target budget and keep costs low.
J. Bernardin - Pres., Buckingham Owners Corp.

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