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How To Choose a Condo Type That’s Right For You

So, you’ve accumulated enough money, and you feel that time is ripe for you to own a home. Congratulations! The joy of owning a home is unparalleled, especially when you’ve been living in rented apartments. If you choose to invest in a condo home, it’s just like you’re buying a part of a whole. What [...]

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How to Buy a Condo in a Competitive Market

The condo housing market can be competitive! Condos can sell quickly, depending on the area. You have to be on your game in order to have a chance at getting the condo that you want. Condo shopping can be very difficult in a fast-paced market, and buying can be even more difficult! We've put together [...]

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Co-Op Ownership: Pros & Cons of Owning a Co-Op

Owning a cooperative can be a very big decision. Co-ops are different than a condo and are not always available in all areas but are frequently a choice for many in big cities. They are commonly exclusive and often located in business districts or metropolitan areas. So what are co-ops or cooperatives exactly? Co-ops are [...]

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Freeze-Proofing Your Condo for the Winter

It's the dead of winter, and the polar vortexes are still swirling. You may have taken care of some of your winter prep work before the season started, but that doesn't mean your work is done. Have you ever heard of working during the winter to protect your home? Many houses and condos are going [...]

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How to Remove Pests and Save Your Living Space

Pests are a part of everyday life. When you're moving into a new place and you're a proud condo owner for the first time (or just have a problem with pests), we're happy to bring you all the tips and tricks you need. Now that you own a condo, the upkeep is largely your responsibility. [...]

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How to Survive the Co-op Board Approval Process

When it comes to buying apartments, in some areas you have to contend with the co-op before you can even be allowed to buy and live in an apartment! That's right, there's a review process and everything. It can be a little stressful to have this huge prospective apartment that you want to buy, but [...]

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How to Prepare Emotionally for Buying Your First Condo 

Considering purchasing a home can be stressful for a first time condo buyer. The process is not so cut and dry as it might seem; buying any home for the first time is a huge milestone. If you know what you're in for emotionally, it can be a simpler and easier experience. Read on to [...]

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Quick Tips to Cool Off Your Summer Utility Bills

The warm weather and that smell of blooming flowers are not all about summer. This awesome season can turn uneconomical and 'eat' into your budget if you are not keen enough on the utility bills. Take a look at these useful, pocket-friendly tricks to get you started during summer. Use well-regulated fans Fans add a [...]

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