Vanderbilt is a full-service real estate management firm built on the simple philosophy that every property is totally unique. We treat our clients as individuals, each of whom have different needs and a very specific set of requirements. Vanderbilt’s management services are as varied as our clients. Personalized service is the mainstay of our organization.

Selecting a new managing agent is the most important decision a board will undertake. We invite you to get to know us thoroughly before you make your management decision.Vanderbilt is a fully integrated organization which offers a full array of management, construction, sales, leasing, mortgage, and financial services.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with your board, as a group, or individually, to better understand the requirements and goals of your building and to familiarize you with our methodology, philosophy and pro-active approach toward managing your important real estate assets.

Meet The Executive Team

Steven W. Birbach

President and CEO

Steven W. Birbach is the President and CEO of Vanderbilt Property Management, LLC. In addition to being a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York and New Jersey, he is a member of The National Realty Club and the New York Association of Coop and Condo Managers. Mr. Birbach has earned the title of Accredited Real Estate Manager (ARM) designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management. He is also enrolled in the Institute of Real Estate Management and in the process of obtaining his designation as a Certified Property Manager. Mr. Birbach has successfully completed numerous courses related to the property management profession.

Mr. Birbach is directly responsible for: overseeing the site staff, implementing repair policy oversee resident complaints, Capital Improvement Projects, as well as legal proceedings for the properties he manages. In addition, Mr. Birbach sits on numerous boards of directors and is a guiding force in setting policy for many of the properties he manages. Mr. Birbach has been involved in the management of over 3,000 residential units in the metropolitan area since 1979.

In addition to a formal education in accounting and business administration at Northeastern University, in Boston, Mass., Mr. Birbach has taken numerous courses in property management and building maintenance at New York University School of Continuing Education, as well as the Institute of Real Estate Management. Mr. Birbach has authored numerous articles and has been a featured guest speaker at several Real Estate seminars including the Coop/Condo Expo.

Mr. Birbach is a pioneer in the field of accelerated real estate marketing events. He is directly responsible for the sale of over 5,000 residential sales and over $100 million of Property in his 25 years as a real estate broker. Mr. Birbach has also been appointed to act on several committees for such charities as Muscular Dystrophy, March of Dimes, Cystic Fibrosis and Women Against Domestic Violence.


Bari Meltsner

 Director – Closing Dept.

Mrs. Bari Meltsner is Director of the Closing Department. She facilitates all sales, sublets, family/estate transfers, and assignments. Additionally, Bari oversees alteration applications for all Vanderbilt properties. Bari is responsible for all resale closings including the collection of closing revenues and flip tax for the various properties represented by Vanderbilt.  Bari’s duties also include building violation removals, as well as liaising with boards, banks appraisers and building service employees.

Bari maintains the sublet status on all sublets in the portfolio. She is responsible for informing shareholders, or unit owners, when a sublet expiration is due, and for sending either renewals or new applicant forms to the board. She liaises with the board to coordinate interviews and informs owners of the board’s decision.

Mrs. Meltsner facilitates all interior renovations. She is responsible for ensuring that all work is completed by licensed and insured contractors, and that plans are followed.

Bari is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Hospitality. She also maintains her New York State Real Estate license with Oxford Property Group, one of the City’s largest residential real estate brokerage companies.


Stella Mueller

Director of Operations

Ms. Mueller has been actively involved in the real estate management business since 1981. As director of the Data Compass Corp., Ms. Mueller maintained the computer system responsible for customer service program, and real estate management clients. In addition, Ms. Mueller was in charge of the company’s data entry staff and programming staff. Thereafter at the Penson Organization, Ms. Mueller acted as Director of Computer Operations, maintaining their operating system. Ms. Mueller was directly responsible for the accounts receivable and payable of 3,000 cooperative units.

Just prior to joining Vanderbilt in 1986, Ms. Mueller worked at Wavecrest Management, where she acted as Director of Computer Operations, Ms. Mueller was directly responsible for the bookkeeping of 6,000 rental and coop units per month and, she had a complete support staff required to run the management operation.

In 1986, Stella Mueller joined Vanderbilt in the capacity of Director of Operations & Bookkeeper in charge, overseeing the administration of all accounts receivable and payable in Vanderbilt’s portfolio. Ms. Mueller also updates subtenant lease expiration dates and is responsible for tracking reserve funds and working capital accounts. Ms. Mueller also is responsible for Bank reconciliation and oversees the receipts, and disbursements. She brings with her a depth of knowledge only available through years of experience. Stella also maintains her New York State Real Estate License with Vanderbilt.

Marge Zengel

Vice President – Accounts Payable

In 1986 Marge Zengel worked for Harbor Fuel Co as the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Director. Later in 2001, she worked for Vicom then First Central Savings Bank handling all Accounts payable, processing invoices, on line payments, lock box collections, posting deposits and bank reconciliations.

Marge prepared monthly, quarterly and year-end financial reports working closely with the in-house CPA. She entered ADP payroll, and assisted accountants in audits.

At Vanderbilt Marge manages the bookkeeping department and is responsible for accounts receivable and Payables. Marge coordinates, lock box receipts, on line reporting to board members and productions of monthly management reports.

John Cirella

John Cirella oversees capital projects and day to day maintenance for numerous rental,  cooperative and condominium properties.  John attends ownership meetings to report on maintenance and operational issues.  He is in direct contact with building staff, superintendents, vendors etc.  He is also the point of contact for Boards and Ownership  and makes regular inspections to the properties in the Vanderbilt portfolio.

John brings over 4 years of diversified Real Estate experience to Vanderbilt Property Management LLC.  John graduated from St. John’s School of Real Estate Management. 

At Vanderbilt, John uses his extensive experience to manage a portfolio of properties, overseeing the day to day maintenance operations and capital projects.

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Paul Lowenfels

Paul Lowenfels has brought over 16 years of diversified real estate experience to Vanderbilt Property Management LLC.  He began his career working as a property manager in 2003 for one of the  top management firms in New York.  Paul managed class-A residential properties as well as office properties.

At Vanderbilt, Paul oversees capital projects and day to day maintenance for numerous cooperative and condominium properties. He also, attends board and annual  meetings to report on maintenance and operational issues. Additionally, Paul is the point of contact for Boards and regularly conducts inspections to the various properties in the Vanderbilt portfolio. Furthermore, Paul interacts and builds positive rapport with building staff, contractors and Owners.

Letti Mendez

Arlettie “Leti” Mendez

Transfer Coordinator

Arlettie Mendez is a Transfer Coordinator for the Closing Department. She works closely with the Director of the Department, to assist with all sales, sublets, family/estate transfers, and assignments.

As part of the Closing Department Team, she is responsible for ensuring all resale closing documents are accounted for, the collection of closing revenue and the successful exchange of property ownership. 

As a liaison between Co-op/Condominium Boards and shareholders/unit owners, she serves as a point of contact regarding matters that deal with new applicant forms, sublease renewals, alteration applications and refinance applications. 

Prior to joining Vanderbilt Property Management, Arlettie was a Real Estate Agent at Halstead, Manhattan, LLC. She was part of a very successful team that specialized in new development projects as well as resale transactions.


Employment Opportunity

Experienced candidates may send their resume to [email protected]. Knowledge of MDS software a plus.


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