People who endure small kitchens often do it because they have to. Maybe they live in a tiny apartment in New York City. Perhaps all that co-op living affords does not include a spacious kitchen and cooking space. And of course, an efficiency or studio anything is rarely bursting with counter space and all of the amenities one could hope for.

When the fantasy of a large kitchen and the reality of what you’re stuck with for the moment threatens to overwhelm you, it may help you to cling to some last shred of your sanity by expanding your kitchen. Not knocking out a wall– but working and re-working the space you have to create room where there was none before. While you’re at it, organize and clear counter space– that will open up any kitchen and make it feel bigger no matter hat.

If you’re limited on space, here is a way to do what you can and make the most out of your kitchen. For those of you struggling for space, you’re no longer alone. Help is on its way.

When it comes to your kitchen, you’ve got to get crafty. Here are some tips right off the bat to help you create some space.

  • Make sure your sink is empty and your drying rack put away.

A sink full of dishes and dishes on the drying rack is clutter and makes a full room feel even fuller. Emptiness equals space!

  • Clear off as much counter clutter as you can.

Put appliances in cabinets and store places.

  • Get a new fridge that is smaller.

The smaller the fridge, the less cramped your kitchen is. Whirlpool makes an 18 cubic foot fridge/freezer that may be the answer to your prayers. Or you could go with a mini fridge and see how you like it!

  • Cut back on your stove.

Getting rid of your stove may free up a lot of space in your unit. You can replace it with a toaster oven and a slow cooker or even stove top cooker, which together will be able to compensate for most of your uses (but can’t substitute a turkey on the holidays if needed, so keep that in mind). While a normal stove may be over 36 inches, many brands offer smaller stoves that may be less bulky in an already compromised space.

  • Get a compact dishwasher.

Trade in your current dishwasher for a smaller one. An 18 inch dishwasher may be the answer if you’re looking to upgrade. Or you can just swap it out entirely and wash dishes in the sink with a drying rack. Either way, an 18 inch washer is smaller than the average 24. Small dishwashers do exist, and you can even get paneled dishwashers that make kitchens look larger, too.

  • Make sure it’s sparkling clean.

Spaces always look larger and more inviting when they are clean and clear of clutter!

Those are our tips for making your small kitchen feel larger! Small spaces can be challenging, but there are always things you can do to maximize what they have to offer. Thanks for reading and enjoy finding ways to maximize your space!